"In pursuit of Win-Win"

Exceeding Expectations:
In working closely with your firm, we develop an in-depth understanding of the personality of your organization. We recognize that your time is valuable. Much of our research is conducted before we contact you, and throughout the process of identifying and matching candidates to client companies, we remain sensitive to your time while keeping your organizational and personnel goals firmly in mind. Itís an efficiency that begins with preparation and ends with candidates that exceed your expectations.

Intrinsic to our commitment to client companies, we work closely with candidate professionals as well, knowing that when the fit is right, everyone wins.

Delivering Results:
At GDP, we understand there may be no greater responsibility for the senior executive of a firm than to obtain the right individuals on his or her management team.

To identify prospective candidates, our approach includes a comprehensive assessment of an individualís qualifications, skill sets, interests and personality. Throughout the sourcing process, we work with absolute discretion in our candidate interactions. Through objective analysis, we identify which prospective candidate or candidatesí will best fulfill your objectives. We then present the opportunity, gauge interest and only if mutually warranted, recommend and coordinate confidential interviews, following up to address any open questions.